The concept of business greed has been around for years. Lately however , it has become much more dominant, even in the usa. Corporate avarice has been named being the number one cause of many company bankruptcies, foreclosures and failed businesses. It nasiums a sad reality that organizations will go bankrupt or close down if they happen to be not medicated with fairness and rights. In many ways although, corporate avarice can also result in the success of a business. If a business has a money grubbing owner or management group they might basically see their particular success as being inside their best interest in addition than the success of their buyers or investors.

Corporate avarice has also been linked to major firms like Wal-Mart and Freebie southwest Airlines. Wal-Mart simply went into bankruptcy not because these people were unable to take on local sellers, but since they was allowing an unbalanced gang of corporate interests to shape all their company. South west Airlines was also found being guilty of doing some unethical behavior. They will engaged in price fixing, giving special discounts to picked carriers at a certain pace, and supplying money to favored clientele. Simply put, company greed ends in a corporation to make decisions that are in its own welfare, not the interests of its clients or investors. Many ponder how this kind of companies might survive when they are offered the chance to do well, yet the straightforward answer is that they will if they are allowed to.

The main lesson to draw from corporate and business greed is the fact it is not the organization that should be in control, but rather the owners and managers on the corporation. Without a strong good sense of public responsibility, or a willingness to produce personal eschew for the greater good of their companies, a corporation will eventually fail. A solid sense of personal responsibility and a dedication to providing a social balance will help lead firms and other establishments to achieve success. As humans, we are innately sociable and if we, seeing that businesses, decide to participate in activities that help us, rather than help ourselves, that is where our strength lies. A strong good sense of interpersonal responsibility, put together with knowledge of internal strategies, allows people to interact with each other towards the prevalent good with no resorting to company greed.

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